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What To Look For When Booking Meeting Rooms

Scheduling meeting rooms with booking software can be simplified by giving you access to additional features. Searching for the right desk, reserving meeting rooms, ordering catering, sending invoices and more can be time-consuming. Generally, when a phone is your main method of communication or when you use multiple systems simultaneously.

Using a meeting room booking system allows you to integrate all of the features you need into one system, saving you time and money. Using this software, many manual tasks can be replaced and meeting planning time is reduced. If you choose a platform like Deskflex, you will maximize your IT investments.

Factors That Influence Meeting Scheduling

When choosing a booking system for meeting rooms, the following factors should be taken into account:


Any software will succeed if it is widely adopted by users. Users should be able to view, search, and schedule meeting rooms and attendees easily so as to ensure the adoption of the booking software. Systems that make booking rooms and accommodations simple will gain favor with users.

You Can Access It From Anywhere And At Any Time

It should not be a problem to schedule meetings for employees who are out of the office. Scheduling meetings from a web browser and on a mobile device is easy with the right software. We have an iPad app for Workspace you can check out.

Supporting Staff And Developing Clientele

In the market for meeting room booking, startups abound. However, many will fail. When you invest in meeting scheduling software, you want it from a company that has a solid track record, has a strong client base, and offers excellent support.

The System Has Reporting Capabilities

In order to save money, you also need a meeting scheduling system that can generate advanced and standard reports in a variety of formats and can integrate third-party tools so you can accurately track unused meeting rooms and resources over time.

Real-Time Synchronization

Using a real-time updated database, a meeting room reservation system provides users with up-to-date information. This makes it less likely that they will have scheduling conflicts.

Ability To Adapt

When your company has desks, meeting rooms, and resources located in multiple locations, you need meeting room booking software that can handle bookings across time zones.

Reservations Of Rooms With The Option Of Ordering Extra Services

Customers should be able to order catering and other services from within the meeting room management system without leaving the application.

If You Have An ERP System (Enterprise Resource Planning), You Can Integrate It

You can ensure both internal and external vendors receive invoices after the order-to-invoice process is integrated into your ERP system.

Visitor Management Module

Getting a good first impression from visitors to your office can be made easier if you implement a visitor management system. By alerting receptionists to visitors, visitor management systems enable them to print visitor badges for each visitor, which results in their time being freed up.

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