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What To Do In Advance Of A College Party

The college dorm party is among the most exciting parts of college life for most students. Partying in high school may have been fun, but college parties are on a whole other level. The college experience would be incomplete without them, cherished by parents and revered by students everywhere, and they will surely produce a few vivid memories.

It is likely that your first party will take place within the first few days of arriving on campus (if not on the same day). You might feel like you hit the independence jackpot now that you are no longer under parental control. Wait, there’s more to freedom than what meets the eye. There are some genuine concerns you need to address for college-level partying since you are now in the real world and responsible for yourself. To learn how to have the best time at your first few college parties, keep reading.

1. Always Travel With A Group

Nothing is truer than when it comes to your first few school parties than the fact that there is strength in numbers. Bring one or two friends if you cannot bring the tribe. It is a good idea to make a pact with your group to check in on each other on a regular basis. Hundreds of students may attend college parties, which can be extremely crowded and overwhelming. Prior to entering the area, ensure that everyone has a plan for staying connected; that way, you can stay in touch.

2. Select A Designated Risk Manager (DRM)

Assign a risk manager to the evening, if possible. A designated driver is pretty much the same thing, except that the person overseeing the general welfare of the group is the designated driver. The DRM should be able to get someone back to their dorm if they have had too much to drink or need assistance. However, this does not mean that other members of the group can behave irresponsibly. DRMs are friends helping you, not babysitters.

For each event you attend, switch out your designated risk manager so that no one person is left with the entire burden. Ensure that the risk manager does not take you for granted. There are some students who don’t want to use substances, but care for their friends and chat with each other willingly in exchange for friendship and camaraderie but don’t take advantage of their kind hearts. Taking a break from your more responsible friend or letting them kick back for a while won’t harm you.

Furthermore, if a friend goes above and beyond to ensure your well-being and safety, be sure to thank them. To show your appreciation for their willingness to look after your safety and wellbeing, invite them to dinner or get them a small gift.

3. Don’t Forget To Bring Your Own Alcohol

It is a good idea to bring your own alcohol to college parties since many charges a cover that includes alcohol. It’s crucial to be present when your drink is being poured if that’s not possible. Be responsible when drinking. Among those responsibilities is knowing exactly what is in your drink and who prepared it. When there is a line of partygoers, you can easily deduce what is happening when someone is pouring from a keg. If you’re offered a mixed drink in a private room, the situation could get a little murkier.

One more thing-don’t look for the lost drink. It is impossible to know where it has been if it has not been in your hand. Suddenly, the previous night leaves you with no recollection of what happened as soon as something is dropped into an unattended drink. Do not accept drinks from strangers, and always keep your drink in sight. This is much like Halloween, except there aren’t as many well-intentioned moms handing out Snickers. Take precautions.

4. Make Sure Your Phone Is Fully Charged And Your Charger Is Nearby

Your phone’s battery might run out after a few hours of texting with your friends and partying. This occurs the most frequently at the end of the night. Sooner or later you will want to be out of there, and you should leave every option on the table. In the event that plans go awry, you will need to use UBER or LYFT to safely return to your dorms. Hopefully, you selected a designated time to leave together and a safe meeting location, but if plans go awry, you will need to get a ride home with an Uber or LYFT.

5. Choose Wisely

The parties you attend aren’t required to be alcoholic or drug-filled, and you don’t have to drink at the ones you attend. It’s a good idea to realize that the cops will show up eventually and to not panic in the event that they do. Hundreds of times in the past, they probably broke up this party. They do it all the time. Remain calm and avoid making too much noise.

Tell someone in case you are uncomfortable or in danger if you are in such a situation. A tribe of support is indispensable in such circumstances. You may end up in unexpected situations after a night of drinking, and you may need someone to help you. Do not be afraid to ask for help.

8. Examine

Especially if you’ve had too much to drink and don’t feel great the next day, you’ll have a lot on your mind the next day. The next day can be an ideal time to reminisce about the previous evening.
Were there any great memories made? Did you enjoy yourself? Do you feel as if you behaved responsibly and safely?

Or, do you suffer from a terrible hangover that you never want to repeat? Have you been embarrassed by your behavior in the past? Have you felt like you could have made better decisions?

You should feel safe and comfortable attending college parties, no matter how you feel about them. Although they are not required for graduation, it seems unlikely that students will graduate without attending a fair amount of these events. Do not be tempted to join them if they don’t suit you, and find friends who prefer sober activities instead.

Take into account how the experience enhances your education as a whole if you have enjoyed it. Know your own limits and set proper boundaries. Be sure to always follow these safety tips. Be your true self above all else. There are many campus resources to help you quit or reduce your drinking if you find that you are imbibing more than you would like. As hundreds of students before you have expressed similar concerns, you will find you are definitely not alone.

The Final Words

While you might be ready for college parties, it will also present many opportunities for unsupervised activities. Even though you’re no longer under rules and curfews, it’s important to realize that you are now responsible for your own body and mind. Choosing to attend a college that grants you a great deal of freedom may at first seem like the ticket to do whatever you want. However, you will be responsible for the consequences of your actions going forward.

If you don’t realize what you truly want after a few nasty hangovers, then turn those experiences into valuable learning experiences. Be confident that you are totally in control of your life, your choices, and your destiny as you move forward.

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