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Vehicle Theft Cover: 7 Essential Tips for Your Business

Vehicle theft represents one of the more sizable risks that your business faces, and it’s one that you probably haven’t thought about much in the past. While a vehicle theft cover like that provided by under their Rideshur product protects your fleet, you need to do more.

If your company has valuable vehicles on the premises, you should consider adopting safety precautions to ensure that your investment isn’t stolen. Here are seven essential tips for protecting your vehicles from theft at your business.

Fitting A Steering Lock

The most obvious step you can take is installing a steering lock, which will prevent thieves from being able to steer your vehicle away. These are extremely easy to install and can be purchased for around £30, depending on your car or truck model.

A steering lock is a worthwhile investment for any small business owner. Another great anti-theft tip for trucks and cars that don’t have an onboard ignition system is not leaving a key in your vehicle when it’s parked.

Add GPS Trackers

A GPS tracker is an effective theft deterrent for personal and business vehicles. A hidden GPS tracker doesn’t just track where your vehicle goes; it also allows you to pinpoint its location and keep tabs on your employees.

When a GPS tracker is installed, thieves will move on or be caught while they try to take your vehicle.

Install an Alarm System

One of your first steps towards protecting your business from vehicle theft should be installing an alarm system. Alarm systems are relatively inexpensive and provide police with clues and information on a carjacking perpetrator they wouldn’t otherwise have when paired with video surveillance.

Ensure that all employees know how to use and respond to an alarm system—and educate them on what to do if one goes off unexpectedly. This can help you identify any shortcomings in your security and alert you before an incident occurs.

Installing An Immobilizer

Immobilizers are designed for two basic purposes. One is ensuring that vehicles don’t start if they’re stolen, and two is immobilizing a vehicle so it can’t be driven.

This prevents thieves from moving cars further down the road after a theft occurs. Having an immobilizer installed on your business-owned vehicles can help keep them out of thieves’ hands. It doesn’t guarantee complete protection against auto theft, but it reduces risk.

Using An ECU Guard

An electronic control unit (ECU) is essentially a computer that controls everything in your vehicle. These ECUs are typically located beneath or near your steering wheel.

A well-installed electronic control unit guard can help protect your business from vehicle theft, as it’s in tune with your vehicle’s vital functions and will alert you if any tampering or alterations is being made. This simple precautionary measure could be all that’s needed to keep thieves at bay.

Installing A Relay Attack Prevention

By simply installing a relay attack prevention, you can prevent thieves from tampering with your ignition or accessory system.

A relay attack prevention device automatically turns on when your car’s ignition is turned off, like an alarm.

It will then alert you if anyone tries to turn on your headlights while it’s off, keeping criminals from being able to manipulate any other systems in your vehicle while they attempt their break-in.

Fitting An Ignition Guard

Installing an ignition guard is a great way to prevent vehicle theft. Several makes and models of locks can be installed, each having its pros and cons depending on your business’s needs.

Talk with a mechanic or security specialist about what kind of lock will best fit your business.

Ask them how many vehicles they install locks on per month, how often those locks were broken into, and whether or not they recommend their use. This conversation may help you decide which device fits your needs.

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