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The Bigger Picture: Factors That Influence Bitcoin Prices

Bitcoin is the first and the most successful Cryptocurrency that the world recognizes. Bitcoins have literally challenged the contemporary economy. No matter why thousands of people are trading Bitcoin. Bitcoins literally have turned people from rags to riches.

Do you buy and sell Bitcoin? If your answer is no, you might be missing something. Start trading Bitcoin now. You can take help from BitAlpha AI. They facilitate your trading of Bitcoin. In this article, we are going to discuss the factors that influence the prices of Bitcoin.

Factors That Influence Bitcoin Prices 

The price of Bitcoin sees some ups and downs. There are certain factors that affect the prices of Bitcoins. Let’s discuss these factors.

1. Supply And Demand 

This is one of the main determiners of the prices of Bitcoin. The popularity of the currency raises prices. If there is a low demand for the currency, the lower value will be. The increased demand and supply of Bitcoin increases or decreases the supply, driving up the prices.

2. Production Cost And Price Of The Bitcoin 

Production cost, like many other commodities, is one of the determiners of increasing prices. Production cost really plays an important function. If you have heard of the Marginal cost of production, you can understand it.

The price of Bitcoin in Crypto markets closely relates to the theory of marginal cost of production. The production cost of Bitcoin is the aggregate of the fixed cost of infrastructure and the electricity required to mine Cryptocurrency.

When miners mine Cryptocurrency, they have to buy expensive hardware. This really adds to the prices of Bitcoin. You will be shocked to hear that the mining costs of Cryptocurrency consume electricity equal to the consumption of many smaller countries.

3. Power Of Media

Several reports have shown that the media has a huge role in increasing the price of Bitcoin. Through electronic media, the general public gains a greater understanding of Cryptocurrency and increases awareness of Bitcoin. This helps with more and more investors pouring in to purchase Bitcoin.

Consequently, the demand gets created. With high demand, the prices increase. So, with more publicity, this opens new investment opportunities, and hence the prices of Bitcoin go on to increase manifolds.

4. Competition 

Competitive markets increase the prices of Bitcoin. You might know that Bitcoin is well known and is accepted as the currency. Countries like El Salvador have recognized Cryptocurrency as a legal tender.

There are thousands of Cryptocurrencies that prepare themselves to strengthen their position in the Crypto markets. They challenge Bitcoin. Tether (USDT) and Ethereum( ETH) are notable currencies that pose a threat to Bitcoin.

5. Regulation And Bitcoin Pricing 

The general currency is regulated by the Central Banking system backed by the government. They determine whether to increase the rate of interest or not. They also determine whether to pump money into the system to curb inflation. They really come under the purview of some centralized organization.

But with Bitcoins, this is not the case. Bitcoin is not backed by any regulation. Regulation is one thing for Bitcoin that acts as one of the determiners of pricing. We all know that Cryptocurrency is unregulated, and this is the strong point as well as the weak point. The strong point is that Bitcoin is free from inflation. It can be traded across borders. This deregulation affects the pricing of Cryptocurrency.

6. Rules And Regulations For Bitcoin

The Security and Exchange Commissions classify Current, and on the other hand, the Commodity Future Trading Commission classifieds Bitcoins. These organizations, in a wash, set the regulations for Bitcoin. If the rules and regulations turn out to be too stringent, it affects the pricing.

Therefore a balance needs to be struck in order to keep the regulations under check. Now with the Government’s intervention, the pricing of Cryptocurrency has fell to a certain extent. Therefore the rules and regulations turn out to be one of the factors in the entire pricing.


In conclusion, it can be said that Bitcoin is definitely the most sought-after Cryptocurrency, and it is quite responsible for Cryptocurrency success. Therefore pricing is definitely one of the elements that need due consideration. So if you want to know about the pricing factors, these are the ones to look for.

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