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Should You Hire a Link Building Agency Today?

Should you outsource link building? And is it possible to get high-authority links to improve your domain authority by doing so?

Outsourcing your link building is a great idea for many reasons. Let’s dive into these reasons and how you can start outsourcing your link building to accelerate results and consistency, and expand your organic traffic.

The Benefits of An Agency

Outsourcing Means Faster Results

Outsourcing your strategy and link acquisition means faster time to results. Because understanding link building from scratch is not a quick process. The reality is quite the opposite.

When you hire a link-building agency, like Perfect Link Building in the UK, you’ll get results almost immediately.

 Link building is about building relationships on a large enough scale to make a positive change for referral traffic, organic traffic, and rankings.  Outsourcing means you skip years of honing to find a process that works, scales, and is profitable, producing a tangible return on investment (ROI).

Outsourcing Link Building is Cheaper

Want to continue your in-house link-building efforts while getting quick results? You will need to hire a veteran link builder with 5 years of accumulated relationships. Anyone else is a waste of time. This can be expensive.

Outsourcing your link-building services is almost always cheaper than doing the link-building tasks in-house. Getting really good links is worth the time, such as links from sites with real authority, and real traffic, that you can recognize by name (like HubSpot, Forbes, Shopify, etc.), you need good content.  Outsourcing your link building effectively removes all the risk, time, and sunk costs you will face for guaranteed placement results.

 Outsourcing your link building always costs less.

Outsourcing Provides Consistency and Predictability

When you hire a link agency, you take the cost burden when links get removed. You front-load thousands of employees and content marketing with no guarantee of a live link. This allows you to have a highly consistent and predictable return of investment that grows over time. That is the dream for many companies in the UK as it brings ongoing profits from just one set of links.

Want predictability and consistency with less stress? Use a good link-building agency.

Link Building is a Full-Time Job

One person cannot do all aspects of SEO and produce huge results. SEO is way too dynamic.

 On-page, engineering, off-page, Python, site architecture. The aspects of SEO are complex and profound. Link building takes a lot of time, as you know by now. It’s a full-time job that even one person would struggle to handle without copywriters and virtual assistants receiving emails.

If you only hired a single link builder in-house, here’s what their work would include in a good link-building strategy:

  • Build lists of people to reach out to.
  • Find the right contact at that site.
  • Find emails for those people.
  • Spend 15-30 mins coming up with good topics for each site.
  • Schedule and send email campaigns.
  • Write any pieces that are accepted.
  • Edits on those written pieces.
  • Keep building lists and emails.
  • Run reports daily to see which links went live or were removed,
  • Follow up with removed links and find a way to get them added back.
  • Conduct analysis on-site to determine which pages links should point to

With the above in mind, link building is a full-time job. You can’t do it by hiring just one person, and you can’t do it on the cheap. If you hire an agency, you get a whole team working on your link-building projects.

Hire the Best Agency!

Outsourced link building can help you get results faster; it is often much cheaper, offers consistency in results, and eliminates the need to hire and manage a full team. With all this in mind, choose PerfectLinkBuilding, United Kingdom for all your link needs.

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