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Should Classrooms Use Peer Teaching?

In today’s age of blended learning, out with the old and in with the new, seems to be an easily accepted ideology for the education system. There have been several changes some of which come in the form of new technology and programs such as an LMS or ERP for school. This software has brought teaching techniques at par with other rapidly progressing sectors of society such as industry and has allowed for better standards to be maintained at a much lesser cost.

As with using ERP for school techniques, it is important to always incorporate something innovative, which is why there has been an influx in the innovative methodology used in the classroom, which reflects the growth propagated with the use of enterprise resource planning or the ERP system. One of the major tricks and tips thus introduced is the method of peer teaching. Peer teaching, as the name suggests explains the benefits of using a student’s peer group as an aid in enhancing their listening and reception skills.

Benefits Of Peer Teaching:

So, what exactly are the advantages of using this classroom activity? Peer teaching can provide a holistic improvement in a student’s education process in the following ways:

1) Peer teaching requires a student to think in creative methodologies and bring life into seemingly dull concepts to make them comprehensible to both themselves as well as others. In other words, it demands that children pay attention and class and use techniques of active listening to imbibe material from the teacher and translated it into their own terms.

2) Peer teaching builds interpersonal skills and allows students to express their ability to put difficult concepts into easy words of their own. This is crucial to thoroughly understand a subject and brings a new perspective into an otherwise monotonous thought process, just like while using an enterprise resource planning, which is the ERP full form. It also teaches students engaging in this role to understand the intricacies of both sides of this educational transaction.

3) Peer teaching also takes off a bit of the workload on the actual classroom teacher’s shoulders. This is because students who are already on closer terms with their classmates can seek out more effective methods of explaining tough concepts, rather than the teacher having to hold special classes and revise the topics.

Shortcomings Of Peer Teaching:

However, as with any other non-traditional form of education peer teaching has come up with its own set of disadvantages as mentioned below:

1) as noticed in the popular children’s game Chinese Whisper peer teaching can result in a mistranslation of ideology between the teachers and the student who is explaining the concepts to others. This means that the teacher has to be even more aware and stay updated with every student’s version of the material they have to ensure no miscommunication inside the classroom.

2) a major reason for setting backpropagation of the peer teaching method is that students might be hesitant to play an active role in it. It is not a surprise that the job of a teacher is an extremely taxing one and many students who are aware of this might be unwilling to share a similar burden. It can also happen that there is some form of rivalry between two students in the classroom which is why it is difficult to pitch them together in such a highly interactive situation.

3) At times, considering the fact that Peer teaching still remains one of the minorly used teaching methods, parents might be under the wrong impression that teachers are slacking off and are uninterested in the growth and development of their children.

Considering all the above pros and cons Peer teaching remains one of the most effective methods to increase efficiency inside the classroom. What makes it even more useful is the fact that there are several different types of we are teaching tactics such as one-way peer teaching, reciprocal peer teaching, class-wide peer tutoring, and cross-age peer tutoring which makes implementing this process in any classroom hassle free. So, what are you waiting for? Make your classroom fun and interactive today, using the peer teaching method.

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