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Responsibilities of an Agile Coach

Agile methodology can be extremely helpful for companies since it helps them streamline their business in an organized way. Implementing agile across a company makes operations quite smooth. However complete organizational changes across various teams and departments can be difficult, especially when people do not know what they are doing. To make this transition easier, businesses take the help of a professional known as an Agile coach.

A person can become an Agile coach with an icp-acc certification. An agile coach is a project management professional who will guide individuals, teams, or entire organizations through a cultural shift so that they can properly and sustainably implement agile frameworks. An agile coach has quite a few responsibilities that help them achieve this task.

Change in Structure-

An agile coach has prior knowledge and experience in agile which they have acquired through their ICP ASS course. This experience helps them make significant changes to an organization. Generally, all companies run on a command and control structure. This means that there is a positional head of the team whenever a project is being taken on who orders the rest of the team on what to do. This is the exact opposite of the principles of agile methodology. Shifting the command and control structure into a collaborative and cooperative structure is the basic requirement when the company makes the transition. The agile coach will make sure that this requirement is successfully met by training individuals throughout the company.

Change of Roles-

With such a shift in the structure of the company, the previous roles that were maintained by the company need to be changed as well. This shift of roles is often misunderstood, especially by those in positions of power. This might result in a hostile work environment making the agile transition more difficult. The agile coach is supposed to make them understand the new roles they are supposed to fulfill. Even projects under agile tend to have leadership posts and they need to understand their roles inside the methodology. Leadership positions are not based on orders but around communication within the team. Many people need to be taught such skills and a person with an ICP ASS certification helps with that.


It is expected that many of the employees in a company aren’t completely familiar with agile concepts. Even if the technical teams might know them, the business-related departments mostly don’t. It is also the job of an agile coach to give individuals a basic overview of agile. They need to know how the methodology works and the systemic changes that comes with the transition. The employees need to be trained not only in agile processes but also in agile software and tools. Agile coaches are trained to impart such necessary knowledge during their ICP ASS course.

An agile coach can be a permanent position or a temporary one based on the requirements of the company. However with the growing popularity of agile, their necessity in the industry is increasing. So, taking an ICP ASS course can be nothing less than beneficial.

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