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Reasons Why You Should Always Choose Phone Cases Over a Skin

Manufacturers put in a lot of effort to design our phones and give luxury brands the proper shape. It is our responsibility to protect the high-end luxury that we receive from these smartphone manufacturers. The smart phone cases are a better approach to achieve this on any given day.

Most of us are torn between a skin and a phone cover. In a nutshell, a phone cover outperforms a case in almost every way, from protection to completed appearance.

If you’re interested in learning how much of a difference a phone case can make, you’ve come to the perfect place. Let’s see how a phone case here outperforms.

Phone Cases Vs. Skins: Why Are Phone Cases Better Preferred

1. The Most Important Aspect of Protection

The first thing that deserves to be considered is protection, as phone cases provide a great deal of protection.

On the other hand, skin is simply a way to adorn your phone with some graphics without having to do much to add to the flare. It is a thin layer that serves no purpose in terms of protection.

A skin would take a back seat here, as you would anticipate at least one protection function from a cover.

So, phone cases are always a better choice if you’re on the fence about what to get.

2. Longevity

If you spend a lot of money on a luxury smartphone, you’ll want to be sure it’s well-protected and long-lasting. Now, if you read these sentences, the first thing that comes to mind is, without a doubt, a phone case.

You would never want to spend money on a skin that lasts a few months. The second investment you are making is only for safeguarding and durability, which will be given and catered to by a phone case.

As a result, the winner in the category of durability is always a phone case.

3. Execution

Our phones are like glue that sticks to us for the entire day, regardless of where we are. To effectively carry this idea, our phones’ cover should provide a firmer grip. So, a phone case is a clear winner regarding the categorical issue of grip and handling.

Skins are constructed of vinyl sheets designed to be silent and grippable. Phone cases, however, have a superior grip and are always a better option.

When it comes to dropping protection, textured finishes are always welcome. More polish, a more durable solution, and improved handling.

4. The Final Touch

Some of you may be interested in a skin’s thin finish, but if you pay more attention to what phone covers offer, you may find it more challenging to prefer skins.

Because the skin is a non-durable option, you will lose the essence of your original phone’s back if you get bored with it and decide to peel it off. This is something you cannot afford.

On the other hand, a back cover has a finish and a warm feeling that does not interfere with the design or body of the phone’s back aside from protecting it, and it does not take the soul of the phone’s individuality with it. That’s where phone cases come out on top.

5. Design and Style 

This may be a factor that cannot be stated as quickly as a preferred phone case but is more akin to a dispute. To summarize which one is taking top place over here, it would be a phone case.

Style and skins go well together, although you may not be able to achieve a luxurious or more 3D look with skins.

A phone cover would be of the finest quality in terms of designs, styles, prints, and so on, giving you a full-fledged 3D experience.

So, as often as you want, grab a wonderful assortment of Oneplus Nord 2 back covers to ensure your phone has an exquisite appearance.

6. Cost

It is preferable to make a one-time investment that pays off handsomely rather than being persuaded by solutions that are only appealing because of low costs but do not provide adequate protection.

Yes, we can see phone cases succeeding because they are reasonably priced while also providing features such as ultimate layers of protection. They are simply perking enhancers in terms of protection, design, style, precision, and so on.

So, consider phone cases over skins any day.

Get a Phone Case to Personalize Your Phone

Now that you know what a phone cover can do for you and how well it can fulfill the needs of a large number of factors, it’s time to acquire one for your smartphone.

Bewakoof.com has a unique variety of Oneplus covers that are guaranteed to be affordable and of the greatest quality. Pay a visit to get the most up-to-date styles on your covers.

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