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How to Become a Pro Essay Writer in 5 Steps

For many students, essays become a significant part and a parcel of completing a degree in a college or university. And you have no other option but to write them well so you can get good grades and finish your program with flying colors.

But, writing essays is not easy for most people. It is even more difficult if you are a student who does not have much experience in essay writing. So, how can you become a pro essay writer without getting frustrated?

You can start with knowing the essential essay writing steps to excel at this kind of academic paper. Here are some hints to help you get on the right track to writing a masterpiece.

1. Stop Putting It Off

The phrase “essay assignment” itself can be daunting for some of us. Sometimes, even thinking about it just makes us want to do an ostrich and bury the head in the sand.

However, if you keep putting it off, your keyboard just wouldn’t type the words by itself– like those self-operating typewriters on Harry Potter movies.

A pro essay writer doesn’t wait until the last minute. It’s always better to start early, so you have more time to research, find interesting topics, and polish your essay.

To make a safe start, you can start thinking about the topic you need to write about.

When you have the freedom to pick your own essay topics, it’s best to choose one that you are interested in. This will make the writing process a lot easier and more enjoyable for you.

You can brainstorm some topics by asking yourself these questions: What subjects do I enjoy discussing? What am I curious about? What is my passion? Are there any current events or controversies that interest me?

Once you have a topic, do some preliminary research to get an idea of the main points you want to make.

2. Do the Research

A professionally-written essay always includes supporting evidence to back up the claims and arguments.

So, you need to spend enough time looking for these facts and figures in reliable sources like books, training videos on YouTube, video graphics with important facts and statistics, articles from scholarly journals, or online databases. You might also want to do some first-hand research that could include surveys, interviews, market research, etc.

In other words, you must find credible academic sources to collect relevant material for your essay. The more data or information you have, it would be much easier for you to write a strong and well-informed paper. Once you’re familiar with your essay topic and understand what the leading experts think about it, you’ll find it much easier to develop your own opinions.

Make sure you take notes of all the important information as you research to avoid forgetting any critical points. Also, don’t forget to cite the sources properly to avoid plagiarism.

3: Write The First Draft

Now that you have all your ideas and resources down, it’s time to start writing the first draft. You can start by sketching out an outline that will serve as your guide in putting thoughts into writing.

This way, you will have a structure that is easy to follow and won’t have to worry about getting lost in your thoughts. Remember that you have to narrow the angle regarding the industry. Simply watch the specific industry videos i.e. healthcare videos.

The outline also will help make the writing process less overwhelming, and it would be much easier for the readers to follow your train of thought.

Remember that the first draft is just a way for you to get all the ideas out of your system, so don’t worry about making it perfect yet. You can always revise and polish it later on. In your first draft, you can even write in bullet points or numbers if that helps.

4. Develop The First Draft

Start writing the body of your essay by fleshing out the ideas you have in your first draft. Use complete sentences and don’t forget to include supporting details from your research.

A pro essay writer should be able to write a body that is well-organized and makes the flow of information easy to understand. Most essays, regardless of the topic and length, follow the same basic formula; introduction, body, and conclusion.

The introduction should introduce the topic of the essay and provide a brief overview of what you will be discussing in the paper. It should also include your thesis statement or main argument. The body is where you present all your evidence and arguments to support your thesis statement. And finally, the conclusion sums up everything you said in the essay.

5: Polish It Until It Shines

Once you have completed writing your essay, don’t forget to give it a final read-through. A pro essay writer always takes the time to give their work a final polishing before turning it in. After all, you want to make sure your essay looks and sounds its best.

Fix any mistakes you might have made. Reread it several times and check for spelling errors, grammar issues, punctuation problems, awkward sentences, and typos. You can utilize writing tools like Grammarly, Hemmingway, or ProWritingAid to help you with proofreading.

Don’t be shy about asking for help. Even the most talented writers have people to review their work and ask them for advice and guidance. You can also ask your teacher or a classmate to read it over and give you some constructive criticism.

The more time and effort you put into polishing your essay, the better it will look. And if it looks good, it will reflect well on your writing skills. Make sure to take your time and give it your best shot.

Wrapping Up

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to writing an essay paper. You have to consider the type of essay you need, its purpose, and your target audience before you can start working on this project. But, those steps mentioned above should always be included in your writing process, regardless of the type of essay you are working on.

One thing you also need to bear in mind here is that writing an essay is a skill just like many others. You can sharpen it and develop it through continuous practice. The more you write, the better you will get at it.

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