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High Potential Individual Visa: Requirements, Validity, Process, Fees

The high-potential individual visa is now a prominent path for immigrants without sponsors to enter the UK. It came into effect on May 3rd, 2022, and for this short period, it has been keen on the idea of getting immigrants in the UK to share knowledge, experience, and creativity to strengthen the British economy.

Therefore, high-potential individuals with a degree of education, an entrepreneurial attitude, or just an ingenious mind are welcome to hit the road. As it is the norm with UK visas, the department of migration outlines the patterns to be followed in the application process. Yet it is still quite similar to other UK visa applications.

Do you want to get a high-potential individual visa UK visa right now? In this post, we will guide you through the costs, application process, validity, and expiration time.

Requirements for Obtaining the HPI Visa

  1. You must have a current passport or other officially recognized travel documents.
  2. Evidence of English communication proficiency
  3. Show your biometric resident permit.
  4. When moving with your wife and kids, you will need marriage paperwork and birth certificates.
  5. Bank records show £1,270 pounds for maintenance.

High potential Individual Visa Eligibility Criteria

If you have received a scholarship at an institution listed in the global university division in the last five years, you may be qualified for a high-potential UK visa. Since a university’s participation in the worldwide list changes over time, the campus’s eligibility might vary depending on when you got awarded the scholarship.

Individuals with a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degree are also eligible for the high potential visa. Finally, applicants may be required to show proof of English language competency. The documentation for this includes the B1 certificate associated with the CEFR. Still, you may be exempt from this if you have an English degree or you are a native speaker.

Nevertheless, if you have a graduate residence permit or stayed in the UK under the scholar doctorate extension program, your qualification for a high-potential visa to the UK might be jeopardized. And the same applies to folks who have already acquired the HPI visa before.

How to Apply for the HPI Visa in the UK

A UK high potential visa is different from visa tiers since you basically do not need to have a sponsor in the UK. You have to fill in an online application form and provide any necessary supporting documents, which vary depending on nationality and type of passport.

Furthermore, a current passport photo will be needed to obtain a biometric residency permit. In other scenarios, the applicant’s papers may be needed by the application center for scanning and even retention until a decision on the application is made. Thus, as an applicant, you will have to schedule a meeting with the application center.

What is the Cost of the UK HPI Visa?

When you relocate to the UK with your household, application fees will change. However, an individual application process will be substantially less expensive. Typically, application costs for the HPI visa program are £715. If you have kids, each applicant must pay a similar amount. Besides, an additional £624 for immigration health insurance adds up to the costs for adults. While for kids, the same insurance is obtained at £470.

If you are not in the UK during the time of application, you may want to check your eligibility with ECCTIS, where a fee of £210 will be needed. However, if you are in the UK, the price shifts to £252.

Furthermore, you must be able to cater to your needs, which is estimated to cost about £1,270 annually. However, you may be exempt from the same if you are already in England on a legal visa. But if not, your household will need to provide evidence that there are support funds to last for 12 months.

When Will The Decision On The HPI Visa Be Made From Theapplication Date?

When you submit your application outside the United Kingdom, it may take 21 days to get feedback. It may take two months to process applications for UK residents.

Nonetheless, your visa processing time may increase if further verification is required for your relevant documents or if interviews have to be conducted. Further, the immigration investigators can be asked to check up on your conviction when you’ve got a prior conviction. This significantly delays the period needed to make a choice.

Upon Filing The Application, How Do You Proceed?

Following the submission of the application, it will be reviewed, and you will be notified if the application was accepted or rejected. Whether you are fortunate, your passports will earn the vignettes. But only if you submitted your biometric info. Either way, applicants may also be given access to their immigration details online.

However, vignettes in passports do not necessarily qualify as a visa for residency in the UK. Upon the vignette’s expiration, or rather in the first ten days of your entry into the UK, you may need to get the biometric residency permit. When the application is denied, your passport will be mailed to you with a letter outlining the reasons for the denial. Thankfully, individuals can ask for a reconsideration or simply appeal.

How Long Will The HPI Visa Be Valid In The UK?

With an HPI visa, you are allowed to remain in the UK for as long as you want, although after three years, it will be deemed invalid. Contingent upon your university level, you will often receive a two-year entrance clearance or permission to stay. The standard offer for three years of entrance clearance is suitable for Ph.D. students, or equivalent doctoral-level status is to Ph.D. However, no extensions are available for high-potential visas to the UK. Instead, you will need to apply for other kinds of visas.


Retrospectively, despite being new, applications for the high-potential Visa UK may not differ from the other tiers. Its educational prerequisites are what distinguish it. What’s best about it is that the hassle of finding a sponsor is avoided if all the aforementioned requirements are satisfied.

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