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CBD Is Effective in Treating Heroin Addiction

In a new study, researchers find that CBD — a chemical found in the cannabis plant— may reduce drug cravings in heroin addicts. It’s a promising new development in the fight against heroin addiction, say researchers at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York.

Neurobiologist Yasmin Hurd, Ph.D., at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York City led a team that tested CBD in a series of preclinical experiments.

Now, she’s launching a larger trial involving humans.

Lower Cravings

A new study has found that CBD, or cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive compound in cannabis, helps to reduce cravings and anxiety in people who are struggling with heroin addiction. The results were published today in the American Journal of Psychiatry and could help to treat drug use disorder in an effective and non-invasive way.

The study was done with 42 adults who were abstinent from heroin and did not use any other psychoactive substance during the study (they were also not using any of the three FDA-approved medications for opioid addiction). They received either 800 milligrams or 400 milligrams of CBD by mouth once daily for 3 days.

Participants were shown videos of drug-related or neutral cues designed to trigger cravings and stress. Those who took the CBD saw their cravings drop two to three times more than those who received a placebo. They also showed lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. And they experienced a decrease in anxiety for up to one week after the last dose of CBD.

Reduced Anxiety

CBD, a Phyto cannabinoid found in cannabis, has been shown to reduce anxiety and stress. It does so by dampening the signals in the body that trigger cravings and anxiety, while also reducing heart rate and levels of stress hormones.

A study published in the American Journal of Psychiatry found that CBD was effective at treating heroin addiction. Researchers looked at 42 drug-abstinent men and women who were undergoing treatment for heroin use disorder.

The researchers administered a single oral dose of CBD to half of the participants. The others received a placebo.

Results showed that CBD significantly reduced the cue-induced craving and anxiety in those with opioid use disorder compared to placebo. The effects lasted at least a week after the last CBD administration.

Although the study is small, it suggests that CBD may be a viable alternative to agonist treatments, such as methadone or suboxone, for those seeking relief from heroin use disorder. It could be a significant step in the fight against the country’s opioid epidemic.

Reduced Relapse

CBD (cannabidiol), a non psycho active component of marijuana, may help to reduce relapse in people who are attempting to stop using heroin. The study found that the cannabis compound dampened cue-triggered cravings, anxiety, and stress hormone levels in drug-abstinent individuals with heroin use disorder.

The randomized, double-blind study involved 42 drug-abstinent individuals with heroin addiction who were seeking treatment for this condition. They received either a dose of 400 mg CBD or placebo before visiting a laboratory where they were shown cues that typically triggered a relapse.

Compared with participants who received placebo, those in the CBD group experienced significantly decreased cue-induced in-clinic craving and anxiety scores and lower cue-induced stress hormone levels. They also had lower heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate, and oxygen saturation.

While more research is needed, this new study finds that CBD is an effective treatment for those suffering from heroin addiction. It could help to reduce stigma and improve outcomes for patients.

Reduced Seizures

A new study finds that CBD, a compound found in marijuana, can help to reduce seizures. The chemical isn’t psychoactive and it has anti-inflammatory properties.

In addition, the chemical may also reduce anxiety and relapse in people with heroin addiction. Researchers found that participants who took CBD were less likely to crave drugs and more likely to avoid using them in the future.

These findings are similar to those of previous studies, and suggest that CBD is effective in reducing cravings in those with heroin addiction. In this new study, the drug was administered to 42 individuals who were attempting to abstain from substance abuse.

CBD is a natural substance found in the cannabis plant that can be ingested as an oil or capsule, vaporized or in food and drinks. It doesn’t contain the psychoactive ingredient tetrahydrocannabinol, which produces a high, so it’s not a legal risk for people with medical conditions. It’s also been found to be safe and effective in treating epilepsy and other neurological disorders.

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