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Butcher’s Crossing Movies Reviews

Based on a celebrated novel, Gabe Polsky’s Butcher’s Crossing is an epic survival film about a group of buffalo hunters. It’s an American West tale that takes a critical look at the brutality of hunting.

The film stars Nicolas Cage as Miller, an Ivy League dropout who forsakes his studies to join a group of buffalo hunters on their hunt. The story begins in 1874 Kansas.

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage is a one-of-a-kind screen presence whose intensity, when paired with a well-constructed work, always makes his films ones to watch. Recent standouts include the melancholic experience of Pig and the maddening genre mashup of Prisoners of the Ghostland.

In Gabe Polsky’s understated western Butcher’s Crossing, the Oscar-nominated actor plays Miller, an Ivy League dropout who travels to the Colorado wilderness to join a team of buffalo hunters. But as he pushes his companions further into the wild, their sanity is put at risk.

Polsky’s film doesn’t shy away from the truth about the American West, particularly during its dark period when buffalo hunters brought  the  bison  to  near-extinction levels and starved the Indigenous population. But rather than spouting the usual rant about how capitalism has corrupted our culture, it takes a hard look at how men are naturally driven to conquer and destroy.

It’s not without its issues, but it’s worth watching for the intense performance by Nicolas Cage. It’s a rare chance to see an actor of his caliber in a film that feels both unromantic and disdainful of the American West.

Fred Hechinger

In Gabe Polsky’s adaptation of John Williams’ novel, Fred Hechinger stars as Will Andrews, a Harvard dropout who drops his privilege and forges ahead west. He enlists the help of a veteran buffalo hunter, Miller (Nicolas Cage), to bankroll an expedition that promises a windfall from a legendary bison herd in a remote valley.

Will is lured by the promise of an adventure and the opportunity to savor the raw experience of the wilds. But as he grows frustrated by the hunter’s obsession with killing and skinning, he begins to suspect that he’s getting exactly what he paid for.

Adapted from a 1960 Western novel by Williams, Butcher’s Crossing is a harrowing tale of a young man’s disillusionment, bitterness and endurance. But it’s a film that doesn’t dig deep into the psychological complexities of its subject matter, and instead relies on Cage’s magnetic presence as the solemn and fierce Miller to draw Hechinger’s character down a destructive path of consumption.

David Gallego

Colombian directors Ciro Guerra and Cristina Gallego, who previously teamed up on Embrace of the Serpent, have come together for Birds of Passage, a strikingly visual film that delves into gangsters and spirits. The film is a dazzling example of bravura filmmaking that simultaneously embraces classic tragedy and a probing social conscience.

The harsh winter setting and the portentous music score help to evoke a sense of dread as Andrews and his hunting partners travel into the wilderness to pursue buffalo. But Miller isn’t motivated by a love of the hunt, but by a passion for the lucrative market for buffalo hides that would make him a rich man.

Adapted from John Williams’ 1960 novel, Gabe Polsky’s ominous western is one that is not afraid to skewer men’s desire for power and control over the American West. Nicolas Cage’s largely reserved performance doesn’t ring with the sort of wild abandon you’d expect from this rising star, but it’s a well-intentioned reimagining of a cult classic that isn’t completely devoid of the humanistic lessons Polsky hopes to impart.

Leo Birenberg

Gabe Polsky’s first narrative feature film, Butcher’s Crossing, stars Nicolas Cage as an Ivy League drop-out who travels to the American wilderness for a buffalo hunt. Based on John Williams’ 1960 novel of the same name, the film features an intense performance from Cage.

A frontier epic, the film tells the story of a young Ivy League dropout (Nicolas Cage) who decides to abstain from Harvard and join a team of buffalo hunters in the Colorado wild. It’s a dangerous journey, one that puts his life and sanity at risk.

Butcher’s Crossing Movies Reviews is a strong western film that combines stunning landscapes with suspenseful moments. The cinematography by David Gallego and score by Leo Birenberg give the film a sense of danger.

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